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A sale date :  It releases it from February 15 and starts!
A P cord:
Opening party 554-017     (only as for the booking): \ 5,000)
Ticket 554-018 according to the invitation work work     (a booking): 1,000 \ day: 1,300)

A mobile telephone / PHS / IP telephone of one part of receptionist (but I stop for maintenance for from 4:00 to 7:00) and the non-notice of caller ID are receptionist impossibility for Internet http://pia.jp/t PC, 0570-02-9999 mobile telephone common telephone reservation 24 hours

As for shop, Sunkus of ticket Pia of the store whole country, Circle K of the U.S., FamilyMart business hours, it is different every store. The convenience store is from 10:00 to 23:30.
※ I can refer to the list of the shop of ticket Pia in HP of above url.

※ There is not the ticket on 1st of before. The person of the appreciation hope please find a work of the invitation Best Picture in ticket Pia.
※ One participated in in a general tour increases a ticket depending on the days.


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